About Us

Empowering Education Through Technology

Aksapada comes with a conviction to re-define the landscape of today’s education. With diligent understanding of the Gen Z Kid’s content acquisition, digital engagement, information sharing channels, Aksapada vows to disrupt education through Digital Empowerment, Rich Content Learning, Online Evaluation and Engagement.

Come ! Join Us for
A New World of Education, Today!


What We Do

Our focus is beyond school education. We strongly believe every single individual is capable of doing miracles, if they’re given a hand to explore their capabilities. Aksapada lets student wander in the world of learning,
helping them all along.

Our company focuses on students with varied capabilities and interests. Our products help them to learn at their own speed and times, helping them retain what they’ve learnt.

As the adage goes,
‘Teach them Young’, and we spell more
‘Teach them Right & Teach them New’

Our Products

A New Age Digital
Learning Platform
Community Learning
Language Learning