Learn Buddy

Learn Buddy is a community learning initiative by Aksapada. Anything is fun when it is done in a group. Learn Buddy allows students from all walks to interact digitally, share content, comment, encourage – a community dedicated to curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular learnings. The students can also share their other talents, informative content and much more in this platform. It is a curated platform where every word is monitored before it is published thereby ensuring a safe and harmonious community platform for the students.

Features for Learn Buddy

1. Connect with Students Only
2. Share, Contribute & Consume Valuable Content
3. Earn your Badges
4. Curated and Safe Platform

Features in Learn Buddy

  1. Learn Buddy is basically a social media for skill enrichment of Students
  2. Students can choose their interests(or skills)
  3. Students can score points in each interest.
  4. They can create posts and get ratings from moderators based on the rating a score will be increased for specific interests.
  5. They can post their achievements and get scores (like certificates)
  6. They can attend test and get scores.
  7. For each level of score they will get badges, (for ex. 40 – Starter, 100 – Performer, 250 – 250 – Excel)
  8. They can take Physiology Test to know their personality.
  9. Students can share their badges, test results and posts in Facebook.
  10. Posts can get applause(like), Loves(Save to my profiles)