Digital Education & Digital Empowerment

Teach POD

Teach Pod is new age learning application that reinforces the conventional school education through digital empowerment. It has the entire syllabus content from v – XII standard in CBSE, Matriculation and State Board Syllabus. It also comes with a Click-Through-Inline-Dictionary for quick reference, Audio Visual content for all topics for ease of understanding and an exhaustive question bank for self evaluation. It also comes handy for competitive exams preparation like NEET, JEE and more.

Learn Buddy

Learn Buddy is a community learning initiative by Aksapada. Anything is fun when it is done in a group. Learn Buddy allows students from all walks to interact digitally, share content, comment, encourage – a community dedicated to curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular learnings. The students can also share their other talents, informative content and much more in this platform. It is a curated platform where every word is monitored before it is published thereby ensuring a safe and harmonious community platform for the students.


In this modern age, keeping a language alive is very difficult. With constant hit and deformation of languages, keeping the native language alive and fresh is a tough task. Our KEATS project is part of larger mission to build language skills and keep it fresh and intact. We provide the right materials and exposure to provide students to develop their language from ground up. Be it native tongue or English or any other foreign language, we will make sure it is learn the proper way and will help the students enhance their proficiency in that particular language.