Teach POD


TeachPod is a New Age Digital Learning Platform that equips the school education system digitally and enables the complete Teaching-Learning process to go digital. Conceived for the existing education practice and yet with a keen eye on the future learning modalities, TeachPod is powerful, flexible and comprehensive in its features and usability.

While the Higher Education and Employability Evaluation has been made digital, it is hightime the school education embrace the digital learning, as schools are to empower students for the future.

Teach Pod is unique as it brings the benefits of all the paradigms of
education by encompassing

  • Syllabus Content: Books, Audio Visual Material & Tests. Both CBSE & Samacheer Syllabus.
  • School Coaching: School specific learning materials classwise, Tests,
    Assignments, Doubt clearing
  • Value Added Content: NEET, JEE and other enriching content
  • Posts & Notifications: Statewide ( Govt), School wide & Class wise

What sets TeachPod apart

  1. Thoroughly believes in the school education system.
  2. Designed to suit the present learning environment with a vision for
  3. Product is made available only through schools.

Syllabus Content

  • TeachPod has the entire syllabus content from I – XII standard
    in CBSE & Samacheer Syllabus.
  • It also comes with a Click-Through-Inline-Dictionary with dua
    language for quick reference. It comes with phonetic audio
  • Audio Visual content for all topics for ease of understanding.
  • An exhaustive question bank for self evaluation.

School Coaching

We have meticulously worked up to protect the individuality and specific coaching methods of the school and not to homogenize the entire platform users. While providing the enriching content to all users, we allow the school management and teachers to manage their teaching – learning material class wise.

Classwise Learning Material Management:

  • A wider range of content, work book, Audio Visuals and Presentations can be added by the subject teacher classwise.
  • Assignments can be given to students. Submission, Evaluation & Mark assignment is also made online.
  • Class specific tests can be given online. Evaluation & Mark assignment is also made online.
  • Students can review their test results online.
  • Doubt clearing forum classwise.
  • Online sessions can be managed online.

Value Added Content

Learning Material for competitive exams like NEET & JEE can be provided online Tests for these value added coaching can be provided online.

Posts & Notifications

  • School and Standard Specific Circulars
  • Inter-School Contests
  • Government Announcements related to Education

Tests & Exams

  • Timed Exams
  • Scientific Equations
  • Images and Diagrams
  • Answer with Explanations
  • The completed test are available for review throughout the year