Tech Flow

About TECH Flow

TECH flow is a real-time online flow monitoring software developed by Aksapada Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd, which has years of experience in the field of digital technology. A software made with environmental ethics in mind, this will help a lot of industries monitor their water pollution.TECHFlow’s monitoring system is strong and provides error free data from the water bodies to your main computers.

TECH Flow is a highly user friendly software that works with any brand of flow meters and communication output. The various reports help industries take decisions appropriately at the right time. The software can also be used for CETP (Central Effluent Treatment Plant), where the data is being gathered from different locations using RF / GPRS.

And here’s what you can connect TECH Flow with:

Water Flow Meter

Steam Flow Meter

Energy Meter

pH Meter

TDS Meter

Differential Pressure Meter

DO Meter

Tank Level Sensor

Energy Meters

Temperature Meter


Uploading Modules

Uploading all the meter readings in user-specified duration. Like 1-60 minutes interval using Dual Uploading Method.

Dual Uploading Method

Data will be stored locally when Internet is non-available

Web server Module

Two layers of privileges are available

Industrial Level

PCB Level

Report Module

  • Meter readings: Every Minute / 15 Mins / 30 Mins / Hourly / Daily
  • Meter Totalizer: Every Minute / 15 Mins / 30 Mins / Hourly / Daily
  • Recovery Percentage –Stage wise: Every Minute / 15 Mins / 30 Mins / Hourly / Daily


Trend graph for every stage in Ro, All the above reports can be taken with user-specified Interval also. The reports can be export to MS-Excel for further calculations.

Security Module Admin Rights

To be able to manage, add / edit meters. Defining the meters for statutory visibility. Meters can be grouped & ordered for reporting purpose.

User History Log

Admin can view the usages by any third person who logged in our software and their activities. This feature will give more security to the admin to prevent unauthorized access.

Here are some features you will be able to use when you get TECH Flow:

1.  Marker Facility

  • Identifying non-functional meters by showing a separate color coding.

2.  SMS Alerts

  • SMS alerts about non-functional flow meters (User specified mobile numbers, multiple mobile numbers can be added)

3.  Mail Alerts

  • E-Mails on non-functional flow meters (User specified e-mail address, multiple IDs can be added)

4.  Groupings

  • This is a Dynamic Module. User themselves can create meter groups for comparing RO Performances.
  • Renaming and creation of meters.
  • Meter position and orders can be defined by user.

5.  The software is enclosed within a centralized cloud server


6.  The following alert system shows the quality of water: green = safe; yellow = moderately polluted; red = highly polluted


7.  The TNPCB will be able to monitor the water quality and will be immediately notified in real time if water quality reaches red


8.  The license can be brought by companies and can be activated using a login id


9.  The alerts will also be sent to all the parties involved, thus keeping everyone in the loop.